Terracotta Botanicals

A complimentary project to ‘Iznik Botany’ where the same theme of combining an Artist & Archive has been interpreted differently. 

Inspired by Iznik ceramics at The Victoria & Albert Museum, with its delicate stylised flowers and Artist Maxine Sutton’s use of simplistic shapes. The forms I have used have been inspired by lush green tropical leaves, worked in stoneware inspired colour palette, combining rusty terracotta, with peach pinks and grey marbles. 

Textural layered Jacobean inspired Crewelwork stitches have been used to create stone like textures, contrasted with copper Goldwork stylised florals, adding to their delicacy . 

Terracotta Botanicals Drawing 03
Terracotta Botanicals Embroidery 09
Terracotta Botanicals Embroidery 08
Terracotta Botanicals Embroidery 04
Terracotta Botanicals Drawing 03